What happens at one of our consultations?

estate planning

People often ask this question as they worry about what they might be committing to. Whether the meeting is held remotely or in person we tend to follow the same process.

Firstly, you should allow 2 hours for the meeting. Our experienced estate planner will start by getting to know you, and looking at the set-up of your family and broadly what assets you have to leave.

Next, we get into the details of who you want your assets to pass to after your death. Once we know this, we fully explain the various ways that you can achieve your wishes. This is important as Wills can be written in very different ways. What’s important is that you will fully understand what those options are.

We may also talk to you about protecting your assets against remarriage, bankruptcy and care fees after your death. We also explain why, like so many people, you may need a Lasting Powers of Attorney in case you become ill. Once we have explained everything and given you details of the fixed fees that we charge, you decide what you want us to do.

If you want you can have a family member with you for the meeting. We hold most of our meetings in clients’ homes as we find that people feel more comfortable in that environment. If the meeting is online or by phone it is possible for you to have any number of other family members in on the call – we will sort everything out at our end.

This initial meeting is given without any obligation on your part. You will only have to pay any money when you have given instructions to proceed. We then go away and draft and print your documents. We then get in touch when they are ready and make sure that they are all signed correctly.

If you have any other questions please give us a call or get in touch here  – we’ll be happy to talk you through things and put your mind at rest.