Home visits are still available

Changes to Coronavirus restrictions

Following the Government announcement on 12th October 2020, we are currently still able to visit you at home to help you with your estate planning. This may include making a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney, setting up trusts or dealing with the estate of somebody who has died. We will continue to offer this service for all areas, even if an area moves into a higher tier..

Our team have been doing everything we can to protect our clients since the easing of the lockdown on 4th July and will continue to do so. if you are not comfortable with us coming to your home, we continue to offer alternatives. We can meet you at our office, or conduct the meeting ‘virtually’ using Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp, Messenger or just the plain old telephone.

Keeping you safe

Our experience is that most of our clients still prefer home visits when discussing their WIlls and estate planning. We agree, sometimes you just can’t beat that face to face interaction. But keeping you safe is very important, so here’s a reminder of the additional steps we take to help reduce the spread of the virus in people’s homes:

1) Social distancing

We will not shake hands and will at all times remain at least 1m away from you. We would wish to be sitting at least 2m away from you during any prolonged contact during the meeting. When you answer the door please open it and walk away, we’ll let ourselves in.

2) Face coverings

If you wish, we will wear face masks throughout the meeting. You may also wear one if you wish, of course. We will always wear a face covering if we are any closer than 2 metres at any point in the meeting.

3) Staying safe

We always use hand sanitiser before entering your home and at the end of the meeting. We will carry wipes and will clean any surface which we have touched during the visit, unless you specifically ask us not to. Some people like to do their own clean-up after we leave. If we do need to use your toilet, we will wipe down all surfaces before leaving. We will ask you to use your own pen if any signatures are required. If you are extremely vulnerable, or if you request it, we will not require you to sign anything during the initial meeting but we will take a verbal authorisation from you.

4) Covid-19

Our consultant will not visit you if they, or you, are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19. We will follow all the rules on self-isolating.

5) If you feel unwell

It is extremely important that you let us know if you are feeling unwell. Keeping all of our clients safe is extremely important to us. With that in mind, we will reschedule meetings where there is any chance that you might have Covid-19. This obviously applies if you have a positive test, or are self isolating.

If you’ve been putting off getting your affairs in order why not give us a call on 01473 358195 to make a Will today or fill in your details on this page to get in touch.

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