We are back – home visits to make a Will now available

make a Will at home

Easing of lockdown

New measures came into effect on 4th July which are being seen as an easing of the lockdown. In line with these measures, we can now announce that we are able to visit clients in their homes tol help them to make a Will, subject to certain safety measures. We fully understand that not everybody will want or need a home visit. We will continue to deliver our full range of services using online face to face technolgies like Zoom and Facetime. If you would prefer to make a Will face to face in your home, we’ll come to you.

Putting your safety first when making your Will

We are introducing some simple but important measures to make sure that any meetings are as safe as possible:

1) Social distancing

We will not shake hands and will at all times remain at least 1m away from you. We would wish to be sitting at least 2m away from you during any prolonged contact during the meeting.

2) Face coverings

If you wish, we will wear face masks throughout the meeting and you may also wear one if you wish.

3) Staying safe

We will always use hand sanitiser before entering your home and at the end of the meeting. We will carry wipes and will clean any surface which we have touched during the visit. If we do need to use your toilet, we will wipe down all surfaces before leaving. We will ask you to use your own pen if any signatures are required. If you are extremely vulnerable, or if you request it, we will not require you to sign anything during the initial meeting but we will take a verbal authorisation from you.

4) Covid-19

Our consultant will not visit you if they, or you, are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19. We will follow all the rules on self-isolating.

Outdoor and office meetings

SInce the lockdown measures were eased the weather has been terrible, but if the weather permits it would be our preference to use a garden or outdoor space whenever practicable. Alternatively, you can always visit us at our office in Ipswich.

If you’ve been putting off getting your affairs in order why not give us a call on 01473 358195 to make a Will today or fill in your details on this page to get in touch.

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