Will you be remembered, or Unforgotten?

Sometimes TV makes you stop and think If you haven’t watched the final episode of Unforgotten yet, look away now. I am a huge fan of the show, and Nicola Walker in particular for her portrayal of the embattled Cassie Stuart. Most viewers are still in shock about Cassie’s death, but as an estate planner…

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6 Reasons to make a Will – which one is yours?

Why do you need to make a Will? This only comes second to starting that diet as something we all say we will get around to next week. If you are procrastinating, you may have convinced yourself that you don’t actually need one. We are here to tell you otherwise and how, by not having…

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Home visits are still available

Changes to Coronavirus restrictions Following the Government announcement on 12th October 2020, we are currently still able to visit you at home to help you with your estate planning. This may include making a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney, setting up trusts or dealing with the estate of somebody who has died. We will…

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We are back – home visits to make a Will now available

make a Will at home

Easing of lockdown New measures came into effect on 4th July which are being seen as an easing of the lockdown. In line with these measures, we can now announce that we are able to visit clients in their homes tol help them to make a Will, subject to certain safety measures. We fully understand…

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Why business owners need Wills

Why do business owners need Wills? As a business owner, whether you are a sole trader, in a partnership or own shares in a limited company read on. You may need to take some action. We believe that if you own assets or have children, you need a Will. There are some people, like business…

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Inheritance Tax limit goes up

Change of Inheritance Tax rules likely

The increased allowance – The ‘Residence Nil Rate Band’ The new tax year has brought with it some welcome good news for those with larger estates with some new Inhertiance Tax allowances. The Residence Nil Rate Band has risen from £150,000 to £175,000 per person. The allowance is transferable between spouses and civil partners, so…

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When contesting a Will goes horribly wrong

Do you think an adult beneficiary should ever challenge a parent’s Will? This subject often gets people hot under the collar. Father v. Daughter In a recently heard case, Sonya Young, from Glamorgan in Wales, did just that. Her father, Brian Cole, had changed his Will 25 days before he took his own life in…

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The Rules of Intestacy are Changing

The Rules of Intestacy are changing

The Lord Chancellor has announced a change to what we sometime call the Rules of Intestacy. Dying intestate means that you have died without a Will. Currently, if you die without a Will, and you have children, under the Rules of Intestacy your spouse or Civil Partner gets the following:   All your personal belongings…

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Let’s not start Civil Partnering just yet

This week a The Supreme Court ruled in favour of Rebecca Steinfeld, 37, and Charles Keidan, 41, from London. The couple were bidding for the right to become Civil Partners instead of having to get married. Currently, the Civil Partnership Act 2004 only applies to same-sex couples who are not closely related. So will the…

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One thing to do before you die (and it’s not making a Will)

Being a Will Writer Part of what makes my job as a writer of Wills so wonderful is getting to know my clients. We have no clocks in our meetings, sorting out your Will will take as long as it takes because we charge fixed fees. By taking the time to hear what makes people…

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