Thank you Norman, we’ll miss you

We have lost someone very dear to us. Norman Gavaghan will be known to many of you as somebody who helped you to get your Will in place. To us, he was also a friend and mentor.
He worked with Silver Lining for many years and we are all better people, both personally and professionally, for having known him.
A client meeting for Norman was something which he prepared for meticulously. He got dressed and ready at least two hours before every meeting, looking and smelling immaculate for every client. A true example to us all that old fashioned values still have their place. And a true professional.
Norman passed away recently after a long illness which he fought with his usual air of stoicism and determination. He leaves a wife Maggie and son Kieran, whose loss is unimaginable, and our thoughts are with them.
We’ll miss you Norman, and thank you everything.
The team at Silver Lining