What happens if I don’t have a Will?

Very simply, and very bluntly, having a Will in place ensures that your assets pass to your loved ones after you have gone, rather than goodness knows where.

A 2007 report by the National Consumer Council has suggested that the people who need a Will most are the least likely to have one in place. We believe that everybody needs a Will, and unmarried couples living as partners are particularly vulnerable. If they don’t have a Will, their partners get nothing if they die.

Download the report here

If you have never written a Will, or if you simply want to review or update your current Will, we can help. Whilst retaining our commitment to producing a high quality Will, you can take advantage of our expert knowledge of Estate Planning to ensure that your needs are completely catered for. Please call us on 0800 0934299 to find out if your area is covered.

So what happens next? Simply give us a call to arrange a visit from one our experts. We will visit you at home and look at your assets and your family situation in detail. We will then go through what your options are and what the cost will be, and will offer you a guaranteed up front price for the legal work required. We do not employ hard sell salesman because we understand that this is an emotional event for many people. We are there to get to know you, not to sell, and we offer competitive pricing along with the highest quality of service.

Once we have produced the documents our role need not end there. We can attend the signing of the Will to ensure that it is signed properly and is effective legally. After that you can sleep easily in the knowledge that if you ever need any advice relating to your Will then we are on the end of a phone to help you. We can store your documents for you, and ensure that your executors know where the Will is and that they are clear on what their role will be if the worst should happen. We are also able to advise them of the most cost effective ways of dealing with your estate. Should any members of your family need our help we are happy to speak to them. We will also advise you immediately if any changes in the law mean that you may need to amend or rewrite your Will.

You may not have realised that you don’t need a solicitor to write your Will. Many solicitors do a little of everything, rather like GPs. We only work within Wills and Estate Planning – it’s what we do, we are specialists. To use the GP analogy, using us is like being referred to a consultant.

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