What happens at one of our consultations?

One you have decided to make a Will, we’ll begin our relationship by spending half an hour or so getting to know you and what’s important in your life. There’s no obligation to proceed – and we’ll come to your home at no extra charge. We’ll discuss any assets you have, your family situation and any concerns about your estate. Then, having listened carefully, we’ll use all our experience and expertise to present a range of options (usually three or four) making clear what each of them costs.

Once you’re happy to proceed, we’ll go ahead immediately and draft the legal documents embodying your precise wishes. But our role need not end there; we’re with you all the way. As well as overseeing the signing of the Will to ensure that it’s legally correct, we’re always here at the end of a phone to provide you and all of your family with advice any time you need it. We can also store your documents securely for you and ensure that your Executors know where the Will is – and that they’re clear about their role should the worst happen. We’ll also advise them on the most cost effective ways of dealing with your estate when the time comes.


  • David Brocken

    19th January 2017

    Please could you inform me of the cost of making a will for two people and what it entails

  • admin

    19th January 2017

    Although it is difficult to be definitive, our basic Wills are £140 for a single Will and £210 for mirror Wills, both figures are exclusive of VAT and include a visit at your home at no extra cost. Please bear in mind thought that our initial consultation is free. We will talk through your options with you and only when you decide to go ahead is the fee payable.

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