We’ve got a Mountain to Climb

On 4th of October 2014, our whole team is climbing Snowdon via the Miner’s Track route.

As Silver Lining Estate Planning is celebrating its 10 year anniversary, we wanted to do something to both mark the occasion and do a bit of good somewhere.

So, we are taking on what is (to us anyway) a huge challenge that will need us to massively up our fitness levels and lose a fair bit of weight before we can go near Snowdon. But we all think that our nominated charity Headway are worth it with the amazing things they do for people with brain injuries and illnesses. They have an amazing team which works incredibly hard in today’s challenging financial climate for charities.

We especially love their unique Brainy Dogs project.  Rescue dogs from Felixstowe Blue Cross are trained by prisoners to become companion dogs to people with a neurological condition.  After a neurological condition people can experience a personality change which often results in them losing partners, friends and family.  Brainy dogs play an important part in the rehabilitation process. Some of them live with the client in the community, while others are used to help clients at the day centre.

Please, please donate whatever you can. We are aiming to raise £10,000 which will pay for a new mini-bus and enable Headway to continue their wonderful work in the community.

Click here to donate http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/silverlining10

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