Ministry of Justice encourages people to plan for the future

The Ministry of Justice has launched a public awareness campaign to encourage people to plan for the future, in an effort to encourage the public to think about what might happen if they die or lose their mental capacity. They are particularly encouraging everybody between the ages of 25-50 to make a Will and create Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs). The ‘Choice not Chance’ campaign is supported by some hard hitting posters.

The age group being targeted is seen as less inclined to think about these issues as it won’t happen to them. However, as the Ministry points out, these people are likely to have mortgages and other responsibilities which still need to be paid if they die or become incapacitated.

Managing Director of Silver lining Estate Planning Steve Wilkes said “We are hugely encouraged by a campaign of this type. We have been advocating Lasting Powers of Attorney for everybody for many years. Few people seem to realise that if they lose their capacity their bank accounts will be frozen and it will take several months to resolve through the Court of Protection. It can be a desperately sad situation, easily resolved by getting LPAs in place while you are fit and well.”

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  • Steve Thomas

    6th March 2015

    When I talk to people who have arranged Lasting Powers of Attorney, many of them count their blessings that they took the bull by the horns and got it sorted out.

    Many know friends and relatives who haven’t made suitable arrangements because they never thought it would happen to them, only to bitterly regret that decision.

    Getting peace of mind SHOULD anything happen – whether you’re on holiday or at work – and knowing that your family is protected cannot be understated.

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