First aid for business owners

Get a Will in place and pay nothing for 6 months


If you die without a Will in place the Rules of Intestacy apply. If you have children, these rules state that the first £250,000 of assets will pass to your spouse or Civil Partner. They will also receive half the remainder, with the rest passing to your children.

If you are not married and you die, your partner will receive nothing from your estate other than joint assets.

This is bad news for business owners because the value of your business is included in the £250,000. Imagine if your children ended up owning a big chunk of your business.


Accept our special ‘First Aid’ offer: Let’s stick a plaster on the cut by arranging your Will right now and pay in six months.

To avoid this from happening you need get a simple Will in place, leaving everything to your spouse or partner. You won’t be surprised to know that it is usually better for business owners to have more complex Wills which can save Inheritance Tax and protect assets. You should also be thinking about Lasting Powers of Attorney in case you have an accident.

But we also know that’s not your top priority right now. Cashflow may well be an issue.

So here’s our offer if you’re struggling.

Get SIMPLE Wills in place FOR NOW. It’s like first aid until you can get to see a doctor.  Pay nothing for 6 months. Then, if the tough times have passed, we can look at some more advanced planning if you wish.

Our fees are £140 + VAT for a single Will and £215 + VAT for mirror Wills. But you pay nothing now. We’ll email you Wills drafted by our award winning, highly qualified estate planners. In 6 months’ time we’ll take payment and have a chat about your situation. We’ll also post out new, beautifully bound documents to you. This is not an automated service - you will speak to an expert.

So, don’t delay what could be a vital decision for another day – simply delay the payment.

Call us today on 01473 358195 or leave your details in the form opposite.

This is a limited offer as we expect a high demand for this service. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.


We may be stating the obvious, but we like to engage and consult with our clients rather than sell to them.

The ‘hard sell’ is not in either of our best interests and would be particularly distasteful when dealing with some of our more vulnerable clients.

Our initial consultation with you is very much about getting to know you and helping you to understand what your options are.

We value your privacy and would never spam you

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We were very satisfied the way everything was explained. We were put under no pressure, quite light hearted as there was a lot of information to digest.

MR & MRS H, Colchester, Essex

We found the consultant to be very friendly and made the whole experience easy. There was no pressure put upon us to take out anything that we did not want. Everything was explained to us in easy to understand terms. We would highly recommend this company.

MRS F, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

I thought Hazel was brilliant. She came all the way to my house and went through everything in detail.

MR T, Ipswich, Suffolk

We were really pleased we chose Silver Lining Estate Planning to deal with our wills. The consultant explained everything we needed to know clearly and efficiently making the whole experience simple to understand and easy to do. We will recommend them to all our friends and relatives with total confidence knowing they will receive the friendly and reliable service we received ourselves.

MR & MRS S-T, Chelmsford, Essex