The Rules of Intestacy are Changing

The Rules of Intestacy are changing

The Lord Chancellor has announced a change to what we sometime call the Rules of Intestacy. Dying intestate means that you have died without a Will. Currently, if you die without a Will, and you have children, under the Rules of Intestacy your spouse or Civil Partner gets the following:   All your personal belongings…

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New Death Tax doesn’t need approval of MPs

Change of Inheritance Tax rules likely

A new tax? The substantial increase in probate fees announced yesterday is unusual in that it didn’t need Parliament to vote on it. Instead, The Fourteenth Delegated Legislation Committee voted on the new proposals surely you’ve heard of them). The new rules squeaked in with the vote being 9 to 8 in favour. So can…

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Why Executors may be in for a nasty shock

What are the dangers of acting as an Executor? Most people are not aware that acting as an Executor of a Will carries with it many personal liabilities. For example, if you’ve distributed all the money and then a creditor or long lost relative comes forward, you can be personally liable to pay the debts.…

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